The Entire Japanese Sonic X Series Is Coming To Blu-Ray

Next year is going to mark 20 years since Sonic X premiered. The show ended long ago, but Discotek has confirmed a Blu-ray release of the Japanese version of the show! All 78 episodes of it, and with English subtitles!

How is this possible? Well, Discotek Media says that they licensed the show. And if the information they’ve provided about the Blu-ray release is any indicator, they’re taking full advantage of this.

As previously mentioned, it’s all 78 episodes from the series in Japanese, including English subtitles. The subtitles are based on Hulu’s but more revised and polished. They even added signs, translated commercial bumpers, and even translated NEPs!

And that’s still not all. The release includes both the Japanese and English pilot episodes. Discotek mentions that all of the episodes were restored as much as possible in the highest quality they could do. That said, they confirmed that the quality is SD-BD. As for the audio, it’s 5.1 for “episodes that have it from the old JP Hi-Spec DVDs”, along with 2.0 mixes.

Of course, the last thing confirmed was the release date. It isn’t a specific date yet, but Discotek confirmed that you’ll be able to get your hands on it in Winter 2023! So, if you don’t have any physical media from Sonic X yet, you’ll have a good opportunity to do so next year.

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  1. I’m so glad I waited for this!! Didn’t get the other releases because I didn’t want the dub. Surprised this is happening!!

  2. Good call Discotek, people are only familiar with the butchered 4Kids version not knowing how superior the original Japanese episodes are

    With that being said, I cant believe it’s been 20 years ._.

  3. So excited, I remember watching Sonic X in Japanese on bootleg DVDs with atrocious subtitles back in the day. Everything in this collection looks awesome, but I really hope the insert songs by the band Off Course (TV Airing) are retained for episodes 26 (Kotoba ni Dekinai) and 52 (Midori no Hibi & Natsu no Hi) These songs are such an important part of the emotional impact for these episodes and the lyrics are surprisingly relevant!

    1. Discotek confirmed that they aren’t, unfortunately. But that’s something the Japanese fanbase has had to deal with for a long time now for their DVD releases, it’s just our turn LOL. It seems like the rights to distribute those songs were lost fairly early on. :C

      I’m also super hyped for this though! And I’m just glad the above issue won’t affect Live And Learn.

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