Sonic Prime Gets Trailer, Dec 15 Release Date

Sonic fans are having a great year for content: we’re less than two weeks away from the release of Sonic Frontiers and less than two months away from Netflix’s Sonic Prime. The new animated series just dropped a one-minute trailer during Netflix’s animation Twitch stream.

The trailer highlights the action in the series along with the main plot. Sonic, having smashed the “Paradox Prism” is transported to a new dimension with his friends including Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and Rouge. The series also received an official release date: December 15. Check out the link below to see the full trailer.

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    1. I think they trying to bring back eggman’s roboticizer, remember Bunnie rabbot from sonic satam. Amy do look like she’s 75 percent roboticized, while Bunnie only looks 50 percent.

        1. Go ask inspector gadget, but seriously, we have to wait until the first episode to find out why Amy is so tall. I do get what you’re saying, sonic boom knuckles was enough.

  1. This is all looking nice, love Rouge’s new outfit (much better compared to her main outfit).

  2. I guess Rouge is part of the crew now?

    Looks alright, hoping for a season long story rather than individual episodes while stopping in and saying hi to the existing universes (the games, the comics, maybe the Boom series?)

  3. Interesting storyline (almost Sonic SatAM), and we know Shadow is in there too… now they’ve catched me.

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