Read the Conclusion of the Sonic Frontiers: Convergence Comic

The second part of the official Sonic Frontiers prologue has dropped, leaving fans with the perfect cliffhanger to excite them ahead of the release of the latest Sonic video game on November 8.

Following on from Part 1, which was published last week, the concluding chapter of Sonic Frontiers: Convergence follows Dr. Eggman as he outlines his ambitious plans for the Starfall Islands. The Chaos Emeralds have somehow managed to gather on these mysterious lands, and the evil dictator is using every technical trick in the book to unlock the secrets of the Ancient civilisation that once lived there.

Short but sweet – what did you think of the Sonic Frontiers prologue comic? You can read part one right here, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Via Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter

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    1. I don’t think the writing is bad, I think it’s the pacing. This should have been twice the length, so the beats had time to land and breathe.

      The top right panel has Eggman drastically shifting topics yet remaining in the same speech bubble. It’s not bad writing, but bad storytelling. However it probably wasn’t the creators faults, they were probably required to fit all these beats in just 8 pages, when 16 would have been more appropriate.

    2. The new character Sage, I truly truly feel there has to be some link with Infinite… mostly some power connections but I truly feel there is some link to Infinite. But who knows

  1. I remember that Flynn said in bumblekast that this comic is nothing to do with the game and lately, Flynn point out he brings wrong with the sonic lore including with ” Sonic is Vegan” even tho he official sonic art that he cooking meat and in Unleashed he eat meat dumplings. Reading the comic that is just off.

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