SEGA Mega Drive Mini II Finally Gets A Europe Edition, Pre-Orders Open

Ever since SEGA Japan announced the Mega Drive Mini II, we have been eagerly awaiting news of a Western version of the new microconsole. The US got theirs – the Genesis Mini II – and now finally fans in Europe can get their nostalgia fix with a region-specific branded version of the console that just… reminds us of simpler days, you know?

SEGA announced the European version of the Mega Drive Mini II earlier today on Twitter. You can see the packaging for this region’s release above. Just like the 1990s console refresh it is based on, it comes in a sleek black shell with striking red power and reset buttons. Surprisingly, the Mega Drive Mini II will also come with (finally) a six-button Mega Drive pad as well!

The price of the console will sting a little bit for those of you used to the cost of the first Mega Drive Mini – a whopping £104 compared to its predecessor’s £75 – but SEGA has previously advised that this console will be manufactured in much smaller quantities due to the fact that it is considered a more niche, enthusiast product.

If you need reminding, the Mega Drive Mini II contains 60 titles pulling from forgotten gems in SEGA’s 16-bit history, as well as a selection of Mega CD add-on games as well as seven brand new titles made specifically for this hardware release. Sonic fans will get to play Sonic 3D Flickies’ Island and Sonic CD on this new machine, but whether the European version contains the PAL/Japanese soundtrack or the US one remains to be seen.

Pre-orders for the European SEGA Mega Drive Mini II went live – as an Amazon exclusive – earlier today but were quickly sold out! Stock seemed to return later in the day, so if you are interested we recommend you get on board as soon as you can.

Pre-order the SEGA Mega Drive Mini II here for £104 (Amazon Affiliated Link)

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