Dreamcast Modder Launches Crowdfunder for Next-Gen ‘Visual Memory Unit 2’

If you have fond memories of playing Chao Adventure on your little Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit while on the go, then you might be interested in a little product that’s being crowdfunded right now – a modern-day VMU system with microSD support, a sharper screen and multi-memory card capabilities.

Dubbed the ‘VM2’, the remastered Dreamcast peripheral will feature the exact same connectors so that you can use it as a standard VMU, but with a bunch of ‘next-generation’ trimmings too. You will be able to charge it via USB, connect it to your PC for game save backups, and include a backlight for easier use.

The VM2 is being designed and prototyped by Chris Diaoglou of Dream Mods fame. He has previously developed a number of Dreamcast-focused mods and peripherals, including a wireless controller, light gun and keyboard.

Currently, the project is being crowdfunded via Indiegogo – so while its chances of actually being made hinge on both the success of the campaign and Diaoglou’s ability to see the project through, it seems like there is enough material here to believe that the backers will be satisfied if the funding goal is met. Below, is a video of a prototype version in action.

With the Dreamcast’s 23rd anniversary in the US just passed, it might be time to get in on the ground floor with a modern-day project rooted in nostalgia and retro gaming. Now, where did we put our old Chao Adventure 2-loaded VMUs…?

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