Paramount Reveals Theatrical Release Date for Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Paramount has gone ahead and announced the release date for the Sonic 3 movie: it’s going to hit theaters on December 20, 2024. I imagine there will be some variation in release dates between regions, but regardless: Sonic 3 is officially going to be a holiday season movie!

This will mark the first time a Sonic movie has been scheduled to come out during a highly competitive time for movies. It shares a date with James Cameron’s Avatar 3, and the holiday season as a whole is always populated by major movie releases. This would seem to demonstrate that Paramount has a lot of confidence in this franchise!

This also means that Sonic 3 will be coming out more then two and a half years after Sonic 2, a bigger gap then between Sonic 1 and 2, though we will be getting the Knuckles TV series next year.

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  1. Dang dude, all the sonic movies competing with other big(ish) films, Sonic 1 crushing Birds of Prey, Sonic 2 absolutely demolishing Morbius, and Sonic 3 going up against the threequel of Avatar, like Jesus Paramount y’all really cocky

  2. As a huge fan of the Sonic movies, I really think it’s a bad move to have it compete with Avatar 3. No way Sonic 3 will rake in box office numbers even comparable to Avatar. Dates could change though.

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