New Sonic 2 Movie Concept Art For Its After Credits Scene Released

As is typically the practice of movies these days, Sonic 2 contained a major tease for its sequel in its end credits: the reveal of Shadow the Hedgehog. Beyond Shadow being imprisoned in a stasis tube in a black site for 50 years, nothing else was revealed in that scene. The concept art for that scene has now been released, however, and it contains some interesting tidbits, including something that may have implications on Sonic 3 if it’s followed up on. The concept art was created by Michal Kus, who posted them on his ArtStation page.

First, we’ve got some images that give us a better look at what Shadow’s stasis tube may look like:

Next up, we’ve got something more interesting, a look at the other side of the room. And…is that Professor Gerald?

This is concept art, and these details didn’t make it into the final movie, so they aren’t canon. We are not guaranteed to find Shadow rooming with a skeleton. Nevertheless, it is interesting seeing Sonic 2 concept art going this dark. We’ll know soon enough if this’ll be followed up on in the next movie.

via ArtStation

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  1. With the 2nd film using more Sonic stuff, I’d like to see space colony ark, and that somehow Eggman turns it into the Death Egg by the end. I really like that idea of mixing various concepts from games into one thing.

    It’s a shame they didn’t think to put water falling out of the shattered master emerald in the film, that would’ve been icing on the cake, and to setup for later films.

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