New “Narrative Driven” Mobile Sonic Game in Development at SEGA Hardlight

It looks like we’ve got a new mobile Sonic game incoming from SEGA Hardlight, if a new job listing on’s jobs board is any indication. The job listing is for a lead artist, who will work on a “new Sonic game,” who will, among other things, need to be ready to “push the limits mobile gaming to near-console levels.” While not technically an official confirmation, it might as well be.

The job listing also includes another interesting detail: this new mobile title will be apparently be an “ambitious” narrative driven platforming game. This would be new for a Sonic mobile game, which typically focus on very arcade-y game play (such as autorunners or racing games), that only occasionally have a story mode, and have never tackled traditional platforming. Beyond this detail, little else is currently known about the project.

You can find the job listing here.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been excited for the announcement of a mobile exclusive title, and I can’t say this has broken that trend.

  2. Bet anything it’ll end up episodic if this is going to turn out as it’s being proposed.

  3. i read a leak posted on twitter that Hardlight would end support for Speed Battle by the end of 2024 in favour of a Genshin Impact styled Sonic game developed by them.
    Seeing this appear in the last few days has given the leak more of a basis but it didnt go into detail so its all still a mystery.

    Would be nice if they could reuse all the costumes they made besides porting them to Sonic Dash.

  4. I wonder if it’ll be a tie-in with Sonic Frontiers or something different entirely. A bigger budget mobile Sonic game sounds interesting, and I wonder how it’ll play. There’s a chance it could be another Sonic Dash derivative, though, which would dampen my excitement a little as we’ve had a few already, but we’ll see.

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