Get Ready, A Sonic Central Broadcast Is Happening Tomorrow

The Sonic news train just keeps on chugging. With the drip-feed of Sonic Frontiers news far from done, SEGA has decided to drop a sudden announcement of a Sonic Central broadcast happening tomorrow.

Now, it is worth noting that Sonic Frontiers will probably be seen in some way here. However, it won’t be limited to just that. Even SEGA themselves said that there will be “a sneak peek at some of the upcoming projects, partnerships, and events happening in 2022″.

It’s possible that we might get a detail or two of Sonic Origins. It’s also possible that Sonic Prime may be seen in this. And as previously mentioned, Sonic Frontiers will likely be making an appearance as part of the drip-feed of news that the game is getting this month.

We also don’t know how long the presentation will be exactly. We do, however, know that it will be beginning at Noon Eastern. In other time zones, this is 9am Pacific, and 5pm UK time.

It also happens to be the same time that IGN will be releasing some hands-on impressions of Sonic Frontiers. Whether this is purely a coincidence is another matter entirely, but it is going to be a lot of Sonic news to take in in just an hour. Nevertheless, we’ll be around to let you know of anything important that will be reveal tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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  1. How and why did they schedule this the same time as the ign trailer? That’s so weird to me. I’m sure these things are planned way in advance. Must be a miscommunication or odd coincidence. Excited nonetheless. Considering Frontiers is still getting ign coverage, prime will be featured Friday in Netflix’s geeked, and I’m unsure what else they really have to show of origins, I have to wonder if there will be any overlap in news this week.

  2. If they were gonna reveal some new release tomorrow, my guess would be a compilation of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2.

    1. I’m betting that will happen around the release of the third movie, like how origins happened soon after Sonic 2.

  3. And its already over, quite the letdown. -_-‘
    ‘Shadow in Sonic Prime confirmed’ was nice but was hoping for more then that.

  4. The central overall felt a bit pointless. Like I thought, we were already hearing about all of these projects from other sources. The Frontiers prologue was neat but considering how brief that clip was, I would not be surprised if that’s all that was completed at the time. The whole stream felt a bit slapped together considering how quickly they brushed over everything.

    Still enjoyed the stream for what little new stuff we saw, but I hope next time they do it better.

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