Sonic SatAM’s Fan-Made Third Season Gets a Trailer, Cover Song By Crush40’s Johnny Gioeli

One fan project I’ve been quietly following for awhile has been Team Sea3on’s fan-made third season of Sonic SatAM. I’ve long felt confident they’d eventually deliver something, as the Sonic SatAM community, while small, has been consistently delivering solid fan efforts for years, including the long running web comic this show is based on. Regardless, it’s pretty awesome finally getting to see what they’ve been working on, and as I’d hoped, it’s way past cool.

What’s even cooler is who they got to sing Sonic SatAM’s iconic theme song, The Fastest Thing Alive: Crush 40’s Johnny Gioeli! You can check out the trailer, as well as a clean version of Gioeli’s song, below:

For direct MP3/FLAC download of The Fastest Thing Alive, or for more information on the project and how to support it, or for the Season 3 web comic this is based on, head to their website here.

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  1. Thats cool! I always liked SatAM’s theme song and Crush 40’s Gioeli singing it made my day.😊

  2. I wish this would get an uncompressed hd release and someway get the surviving cast because as great of sound a likes as they are they sound kinda off taking me out of the trailer and before you say jeleel white did sonic in a fan film and his voice was raspy. when he played urkle again his voice wasn’t raspy so he can still pull off sonic.

    1. XD I’m not the resident SATAM super-fan. I like it just fine, but Nuckles is WAY more enthusiastic about the series.

  3. The trailer looks good, and Gioeli singing the SatAM theme song is a really neat surprise!

  4. And here I thought this was going to be more fan-made vaporware!

    Kudos to their commitment, especially in attempting to make a whole new season.

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