Genius Fan Art Adds Agent Stone To Sonic Mania Adventures And It’s Super Adorable

With Lee Majdoub’s performance as Agent Stone in the Sonic the Hedgehog movies winning the hearts of die-hard fans around the world, it’s no surprise that there is a tonne of adoring fan art of Dr. Robotnik’s coffee-serving sidekick. But Latin American artist ‘Lanth’ took things one step further by inserting a cartoon version of Stone into SEGA’s ‘Sonic Mania Adventures’ animation series.

Artwork by Lanthart on Twitter

The concept is simple but incredible; take a few key frames from the fan-favourite ‘Sonic Mania Adventures’ cartoon series (originally produced to promote the release of Sonic Mania) and add in a colourful Agent Stone design to plot and scheme alongside classic Dr. Eggman.

The result is utterly adorable – a ‘Classic Agent Stone’ that really suits the world of Sonic Mania and would feel right at home interacting with both Eggman and the other characters around him. The artwork has really resonated with the Sonic community as well, with the two Tweets loved and shared thousands of times across the online fanbase.

As well as receiving praise from Sonic Mania Adventures’ animation director, Tyson Hesse, the introduction of ‘Sonic Mania Stone’ has inspired some extra fan art of its own. ‘Thenyanamo‘, ‘MaxiSZ‘, ‘Moxxie‘ and ‘dreamywolf‘ are among some of the fellow artists that felt compelled to build upon the incredible legacy that Lanth has started.

We are huge fans of this animated interpretation of the character – it’s only a matter of time before some enterprising modder replaces one of the characters in Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine with Classic Stone too (somebody, please do this).

We also love Lanth’s artwork – be sure to check out their Twitter account for more fantastic artwork by heading right here.

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