Ryan Drummond Confirms Agent Reached Out to SEGA to Reprise Sonic Role

It’s only been a week since Roger Craig Smith announced that he is no longer the official voice of Sonic the Hedgehog, but former actor Ryan Drummond has confirmed that his agent has contacted SEGA with an interest in reprising the role.

Drummond, who was the voice of Sonic during the Sonic Adventure era of video games, revealed on a recent livestream that he has formally reached out to SEGA in the hopes that he might return.

Perhaps expecting the inevitable, Drummond tackled a chat question about whether he was coming back to voice Sonic head-on. “I wish I could [say ‘yes’], but we don’t know anything yet. You know as much as I know… I don’t want to get bogged down in this conversation, but I don’t have any [issue] in saying that… my agent did contact SEGA today, so hopefully there’ll be a conversation. Let’s see what happens.”

It’s no secret that Drummond fondly remembers his time as Sonic the Hedgehog in the early 2000s, so it would make sense that he has taken an interest in reprising the role. In 2003, he was replaced as the official voice of the blue blur in order for a single actor to voice the character across all media. The role then went to Jason Griffith, who was originally cast as Sonic for the Sonic X TV show.

It’s worth pointing out that this does not mean that Drummond is close to securing the role again, nor is he actively talking with SEGA at the moment. It is likely that, if SEGA is interested in re-casting the role, that there will be auditions for voice actors to pitch in to replace Roger Craig Smith. That is, indeed, if the role has not already been filled by now.

The fact that Drummond’s agent has reached out to SEGA is simply the first step in a long road, but it does highlight the actor’s desire to return to Green Hill Zone. If anything new comes of this, we’ll let you guys know.

Source: EmuEmi’s Livestream (via SoaH City)

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  1. I have to be honest, I’m a bit skeptical that SEGA will rehire someone they let off the hook years ago. That just doesn’t seem like something they would do often.
    But this gives me a little ray of hope. I just hope he still has it in him. The fire’s still in him though, so he’s got that, at least!

  2. I definitely will love for Ryan Drummond to come back as sonic the hedgehog! Also I would love for him to voice other Sega games new and old!

  3. To me right now, it just feels like it’s time to bring Ryan Drummond back.
    Ryan has been very active in the Sonic fanbase more than ever too, such as voicing Sonic in the Fan made Radio Drama Sonic & Tails R. either way we shall see what happens.

    But hey, If they cant get him, they should hire this guy –

    Like seriously, its so spot on.

  4. I don’t want to get my heart broken, but holy crap I think I’d cry tears of joy if he came back.

  5. I’mma be the “Um, actually…” guy here – Griffith replaced Drummond in 2005 rather than 2003.

  6. Please for the love of God bring him back, he is my personal favorite and arguably the most fitting role for Sonic. He captures the mood of the character perfectly, there is no one else as good as he is at bringing the blue blur to life.

  7. To have drummond back as sonic would be a dream come true, not to knock on Roger and Jason, but i’ve always thought Drummond’s voice was the perfect teenage voice.

  8. While the next Sonic VA is more than likely to already have been chosen, it would be neat if Sonic Adventure Sonic completely with Ryan’s voice would show up in an episode or 2 (provided the series is actually based on multi dimensional travel)

  9. OK, I would love this, I think Jason is the perfect Sonic voice especially for serious/dramatic scenes but Ryan’s the only other logical choice.

    If SEGA cares at all for the fans, they will do everything in their power to secure this voice, maybe even grab Jason for Shadow.

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