TSS UPDATE: A Bit of Spring Cleaning…

Pinch Punch, First day of the month… *is burned*. Expect good tidings, loyal TSS’ers – the ‘hacker’ business seems to have stopped, and therefore life can revert back to normality. Well, not quite. The Sonic Stadium is having a bit of a Spring Cleaning.

This means a lot of moving about of files, and re-organising the site to make it easier for you to navigate. After all, TSS is the place to be for Sonic, but what good is it if it’s tough to surf through? Exactly. Hence, a few sections are (and some in the future) will be down temporarily as we shift the pages about.

But, we’re shooting through the re-organisation process rather quickly – yesterday work started, and now you can now look at the Sonic Manga Comics section again.

Speaking of which, look at the top Navigation bar. We listened to what you said, and now it’s easier to get to what you want. Just click on Comics to go direct to the Comics Info section for instance – no faffing about with ‘Click this link, then this link, and then that link, and then round the second block past McDonalds…’ business.

TSS is evolving, and it will reap rewards to you in the end of it. Watch this space…

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