Announcement: The Reason For The Sonic Stadium’s Downtime

Just some more info to update the news regarding The Sonic Stadium. First of all, thanks to the visitors for their constant concern for the website, and for sticking around with the backup ezBoard for a while.

We now know that the reason TSS went bust was because our servers kicked us off for using too many resources. We honestly didn’t think The Sonic Stadium was big enough to use up so much, but that’s beside the point.

We are currently in the process of getting a new host. This will take effect in about 2-3 weeks – by that time The Sonic Stadium should be back up and running as normal. I’m in the middle of sprucing up the site layout to give it a cutting edge look for when it returns, and I am also busy attempting to get the current YaBB Message Board onto a backup server, so previous users can still chat there.

Incidentally, Shadow Team’s website is still up and running at – and this is where the temporary YaBB will be until we get our new hosts sorted out.

Finally, I mention the YaBB SSMB as temporary because one of the reasons the site was eating up our old host’s resources may be because of the perl/cgi Message Board we were using. Therefore, once TSS is back on track, the Sonic Stadium Message Board will change to a PHP based MB. In addition to this, there should no longer be any mailing [passwords] problems in regards to the SSMB when we move, as the new hosts should have webmail all ready for us. Yay-ness.

While I’m here, just one quick notice – SAGE is up and coming, and Shadow Team should be ready for it, with a special site laid out and the revealing of the big project we are making, along with (hopefully) a demo of the game so you can even play it and tell us your thoughts.

Stick with us – when the temporary YaBB is up, it should be located here:

Thanks again,

Note: This notice was originally published on TSSZ while The Sonic Stadium was experiencing severe downtime.

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