Dreadknux’s Diaries: The Calm Before The Storm…

The whole of January must have been, in all honesty, the most laid back month I’ve had. And that’s a good thing. Most definitely. After running a growing (both in size and popularity) Sonic site for nigh on two years, you’re bound to need a break every now and then.

In fact, Shadow Team (the Sonic Fan Media group that consists of myself, Anarchy Rat and Roareye) is off to a good start and I need to concentrate on that as it’s just starting up.

Incidentally, the first few months or so of this year was supposed to involve me taking a vacation from being all “head admin-y”, handing the chief role to Sonic_Hedgehogs for a while as I chilled out.

But, I didn’t, and seeing ahead as to what was to come, that was probably a good move – TSS still needed stability in its early steps of ‘own decent server-ness’ before I could step down temporarily.

Very Crazy Penguin became a member of the Q&A; team a while back, but I neglected to mention that until now ^_^.

Real Life business is curiously smooth running at present…

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