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Hey dudes, and welcome to the Sonic Stadium! This website is about everything Sonic! As you probably have guessed, this website has just been born, but it will soon expand. There’s plenty of Super Sonic stuff on show here. Click on a link and you’ll be taken there at Sonic speed! Most of these links have not been completed yet, and because of this there is not much point in putting the non-completed pages up at this time. But rest assured, once I am on my feet I will get everything online and ready! Little to discover at the moment, but hey, enjoy what’s there (Yeah, like you will). Update soon.

Well, welcome to my site, I hope you find it ‘satisfactory’ (Jeeves! Snooty!) and basically just have a good time. Forgive me for anything that has gone wrong, but it is my first site an’ all. Spare Me! :). It’s not long before Sonic Adventure 2 and I’m in the process of updating as we speak, so don’t worry. A Sonic Shuffle page will be on its way, as well as (hopefully) a Neo Geo Pocket Colour SA page (I’m finding that game really groovy at the mo ^_^), as well as a few other pages, I assure you. I can’t say much else, as I’ll just be repeating myself. So, look around and have a good time on my site! Oh Damn…

The original design of The Sonic Stadium, 24 October 2000.

BTW, if you wish to know more information about anything Sonic among any of the categories, feel free to email me, the DreadKnuxster, and I will try to answer your mail to the best of my ability (unless I haven’t a clue!). Also, any Sonic information that I may have missed or gotten wrong (usually the latter with my reputation ^_^), do not hesitate to correct me or fill me in on the details. I will try to get everything covered about Sonic and I usually will, but the human brain can only think and edit websites and surf the net and play Sonic games for so many hours in a day!

Stay ICE,

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