TSS Update: Our Very First Update

Well, this is my first update, and I’m pretty much settling into my web home, it’s very nice. A few of you have replied back to me and commented on my website, and (thank goodness ^_^) people seem to like it a lot. A few niggles were commented on, but I’m on a roll here and it’s probably sorted out anyway.

What’s changed, you may ask? Well, at the bottom of each page there now should be an extra ‘navibar’, called “Online Shop“. That includes another new section of my site where you can buy many a Sonic/Dreamcast item from those lovely blokes at Amazon.co.uk. Aren’t they nice, eh? I’ve also got a ‘News‘ section up and running, so go check that out for the latest Sonic and DC news. There’s also the FIRST Sonic Stadium Poll going over there on the left. Be sure to respond. Every vote counts.

Again, as this is my first update, something’s gonna go wrong. But if something does, do not panic, just e-mail me with your comments, complaints and I’ll either thank you personally or sort it out (depending which of the two you send me). Next update soon, but until then, stay ICE.

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