TSS REVIEW: Tails Sky Patrol

Another game that stars Tails and Tails alone, only this game really doesn’t have the same appeal as Tails Adventure. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an OK game, but there’s something about it that just… annoys me. Now, the story is… well, I don’t know really. I haven’t really had more of a pleasure than playing it, I never owned it.

Viewing the opening sequence it seems that some old witch is behind some shenanigans, with an entourage of creepily cute-looking characters. Tails drew the short straw to go and sort out… whatever it is that this witch is planning on doing. Go Tails, er, go?


Platform: Game Gear | Developer: SIMS & JSH
EU Release: N/A | US Release: N/A | JP Release: 28 Apr 1995

Tails appears as the star, just like Tails Adventure, only this title lacks the appeal of the other purely because it gets tedious after a while. Sky Patrol sees you controlling Tails holding a ring, Sonic Crackers style (only without anyone attached to you). You can use this ring to attack and destroy, and the aim is just to get to the end of each level without touching any surfaces.

Sadistically, there are objects that appear to hinder your chances of getting to the end in perfect flight. Some obstacles are boards that swivel, others are dumbbells that swing you in a certain direction at high speed. You find a lot of these in the training area.


The most frustrating thing about this game is that it is so fixated on Tails being in the air. That’s all fine and good for all the Tails fans out there, but everyone else will find it very annoying. Brush a surface – whether it be the ceiling, a wall, or the ground – you ‘die'(?) and lose a life. Why Tails can’t just run along the floor is anyone’s guess. I mean, if all the obstacles are in the air, it’s only common sense to use the ground instead.

The first level you come across is the Training Area Level. You must guide Tails to the end, and even that that is not an easy task. Next comes the first REAL level, which introduces you to the very annoying enemies that you’ll be coming across. These come in the form of turtles, hot air balloons and the like, and they all throw objects or try to get in your way.


You can easily hit them with your ring, but it easily puts you off track, ready for you to hit a wall at the same time. If you get hit, you’ll go spiralling down until you hit the ground and ‘die’. Unless you press one of the buttons quickly enough, then you do a flying cartwheel and carry on with the level.

You can pretty much tell what my opinion of this game is, huh? Well, good – unlike his previous outing, Tails Sky Patrol actually DOES feel like a petty cash-in on the two tailed wonder, and this game does him no favours at all. At all. The gameplay is simple, tedious and above all, frustrating. It’s murder to even pass the Training Level for goodness sake. This is a Sonic game that was better off only released in Japan.



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