TSS REVIEW: Sonic Triple Trouble / Sonic & Tails 2

This was named Sonic & Tails 2 in Japan, just like Sonic Chaos was called Sonic & Tails there. The story involves yet another world domination plan by Eggman, only this time (like in Sonic 3), he has the help of Knuckles, that god-darn red fool! That ‘trusty’ echidna nabbed all the Chaos Emeralds and has legged it. Sonic, not too happy, chases after Knuckles, with Tails close behind.

On top of this, Eggman got some help from Nack the Weasel (or Fang the Sniper in Japan). He keeps guard of the Emeralds, making sure Sonic and Tails won’t get to them, while Knuckles will just try to stop them advancing. Eggman must be a happy boy. Not for long though. Can Sonic boil the rotten egg again? We will see…


Platform: Game Gear | Developer: SEGA Japan
EU Release: Oct 1994 | US Release: 15 Oct 1994 | JP Release: 11 Nov 1994

Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble is the first 8-Bit Sonic game not to get an outing on the Master System. A lot of things have been improved for the ‘sequel’ of Sonic Chaos – the graphics have been tweaked just a little, the levels are more detailed, and it’s Even-Stevens as either Sonic or Tails can get the Chaos Emeralds! Huzzah!

Meaner bosses are the dish of the day in this game, and now it seems that you don’t even get to see Eggman until the last level! You contend with a robot boss at the end of each zone (3 Acts) and then a cut scene afterwards will ensue, detailing your constant run-ins with Knuckles the Echidna.


You know you have to complete the game with the Emeralds to truly gain supreme completedness and yadayadayada! To get them though, you need to find a special item box, with an Emerald sign on it, anywhere in the zone. Once you have at least 50 rings, destroy it, and a star circle will open. Jump through that, and you’ll be taken to a special stage, where you must either get to the end within a certain time limit, or collect a certain amount of rings, Sonic 2 MD stylee. Complete the stage, and you’ll see Nack/Fang, most of the time in the form of a boss – but he’s not hard at all. After your bout with Nack you are free to collect your Emerald delight.

You can now get special little boxes that can improve your game-playing skill for a few seconds. One particular feature from Sonic Chaos was the rocket boots, that only Sonic could use. Well, Tails fans should no more feel left out as in place of the boots, you get a power up that makes you fly at a great speed. Another can be found on the ‘Robotnik Winter’ Zone, and is… Sonic’s snowboard!


Yes, at last Game Gear fans can play a Sonic game with a bit of Sonic-boarding! Erm, yes. There are loads of other items, exclusive to certain levels, such as the carts in Sunset Park Zone and the bumpers in Meta Junglira Zone.

This game is one worth buying for the gameplay factor alone, and it’s the gameplay that makes up this great game also – erm, even though gameplay is what it’s really all about. Never mind. But then again, there’s that factor of longevity and replayability – there are a few secrets that will keep you playing long after that credits scene…



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