TSS REVIEW: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Unlike most sequels, the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is actually BETTER than its predecessor. Featuring a new character, Miles ‘Tails’ Prower, and a new two player mode, there’s a lot to keep you occupied. Robotnik starts terrorizing the planet again by capturing all of Sonic’s furry friends and turning them into robots. But now he also has something more sinister in mind.

These robots are needed to work on his latest project, the Death Egg! But he hasn’t found the Chaos Emeralds yet, and that’s a good thing. Sonic and Tails have come to stop Robotnik, find the Chaos Emeralds and destroy his Death Egg for good!


Platform: Sega Mega Drive | Developer: Sonic Team
EU Release: 24 Nov 1992 | US Release: 24 Nov 1992 | JP Release: 21 Nov 1992

Sonic 2 is the second of many Sonic the Hedgehog games that have graced the Mega Drive. As usual, you must run to the end of each act, collecting rings and destroying robots on the way. Now Sonic can perform the Super Spin Dash (by pressing down and jump), and ‘Tails’ can follow Sonic and help him journey through the levels. This game must be the longest Sonic game on the Mega Drive, and also holds many secrets…

The game’s level structure has changed somewhat, with only two acts to each zone (except for the monstrous ‘Metropolis Zone’) and Robotnik appearing at the end of the second act. These bosses are harder than the ones found in Sonic 1, and I think you’ll agree with that once you reach the ‘Death Egg Zone’ (which replaces the ‘Final Zone’ from Sonic 1) and fight the two final bosses (the second of which is a right pain in the rear).


A new Sonic game brings with it a new Special Stage, and this time it has you running for rings to reach the Chaos Emeralds. To enter, just collect 50 rings, hit a Star Post and jump into the star circle that starts spinning around it. You are taken to a half-pipe within which you must collect rings and avoid the bombs that hurtle towards you. There’s something worth getting the Chaos Emeralds for this time, too! When you have collected all seven of the Chaos Emeralds (it ain’t easy), then catch 50 rings and jump, you’ll transform into your mega alter-ego, Super Sonic!

Unlike its Master System/Game Gear counterpart, you can actually control ‘Tails’ in the Mega Drive/Genesis version of Sonic 2. It’s not too different from playing the game as Sonic (you just can’t transform into Super Tails). It’s still cool though, if you prefer ‘Tails’ to Sonic. If Sonic and ‘Tails’ are playing through the game, the computer can either control ‘Tails’ or a human can using a second controller. Snazzy, eh?


Probably one of the best improvements must be the competitive two-player mode. It sees Player 1 controlling Sonic and Player 2 controlling ‘Tails’ in a split screen race to the finish. You can race on four levels – Emerald Hill Zone, Mystic Caves Zone, Casino Night Zone and the Special Stage. It’s not just the quickest that will win the race, though. Points are taken account, for the amount of rings collected, boxes destroyed and overall score as well. Cool, eh?

This game has improved upon its predecessor tenfold. The difficulty has been tweaked to near-perfection, there is a two-player mode, and there is an extra secret in Super Sonic. This is definitely worth every penny of your money – I don’t think this game can be faulted to be quite honest.


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