TSS REVIEW: Sonic 2 & Knuckles

Well, here we are with Sonic 2 & Knuckles. It’s Sonic 2, only you play as Knuckles! Still with us? Cool. Graphically speaking, obviously if Knuckles from S&K was just plastered onto Sonic 2, then he’d look weird, so SEGA has done a good job recreating Knuckles so that he doesn’t look out of place. The only downside is, unfortunately, this is still Sonic 2 – you’re just playing as a different character, so no points on the originality side there. But who cares if you’ve got S&K with Sonic 3, right?


Yes, again, Robotnik appears, but simply in the same guises as when you were playing this as Sonic in 1992. Not really something to cry about, but just something to bear in mind nonetheless. Anyway, if you’ve already licked Sonic 2 a million times, dealing with Robotnik once more as Knuckles should be enjoyable and relaxing. Go on, kick Eggman’s butt while no-one’s looking. Come on, he’s just asking for it! Take him up to Death Egg (yes, you go to Death Egg TOO) and whup his sorry bee-hind! Just be careful that Knuckles can’t jump as high as Sonic when it comes to Eggman’s final weapon…

AAAAAnd again, you still have to collect all of the Chaos Emeralds, via Sonic 2’s good old Special Stage. For anyone who doesn’t know the routine: collect the rings when they appear, avoid the bombs (which lose you rings). Collect the right amount of rings and you advance to the next section of the stage – there are three sections. Complete them and you win a Chaos Emerald. Collect all seven to become SUPER KNUCKLES, which is actually worth collecting the Chaos Emeralds for – plus it hones your abilities on these Special Stages, even though they’re old hat now and never coming back…


One of the good things about Sonic 2 & Knuckles is that in certain places (only A FEW RARE spots mind – not that many) you can access certain power ups you could never get to as Sonic. See the Chemical Plant screenshot above? You can’t get to that place with Sonic nor Tails. Bear in mind that these are select places that not even you, my fellow Sonicateerist, would think of searching in. See if you can find it.

To be quite honest, as you would’ve guessed by now, this is merely Sonic 2, albeit you play as Knuckles. You’re even at a disadvantage believe it or not, as you need a decent jump to defeat the final boss – something which Knuckles lacks. This is good if you want a change to playing as Sonic and Tails in the original Sonic 2, but you’ll rarely ever want to. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there were some extras added for Knuckles alone to obtain, such as accessing Hidden Palace using the Lock-on as Knuckles. That would have been a nice idea…



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